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Classic Chassis Loves Small Imported Cars!

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Classic Chassis Loves Rare Cars

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Car or Truck, whatever the year, make or size, it belongs in the Classic Chassis Car Club.

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Who We Are

We love cars, old and new!
Classic Chassis Car Club-Dallas started over 20 years ago, and has grown to over 100 members. We are affiliated with the Lambda Car Club International, the largest GBLT automobile enthusiast club in the world.

All makes and models!
Rather than focus on a specific make or model, Classic Chassis is open to individuals with an interest in all makes (domestic and foreign), all models, and all years. Our membership is comprised of those who know the smallest of styling details to gear-heads who perform their own restorations. Membership is open to all - even those who do not own a classic or special interest car, YET! Our common bond is an interest and appreciation for autos that are special to you no matter the reason.

Monthly Meetings and Activities!
We meet the first Tuesday of each month and hold numerous additional events, often once or twice per month and throughout the year. We participate in several events that have become traditions. Among these are road trips to points of interest, displays at home tours, exhibiting at the State fair of Texas, and our annual Golden Girls show that brings together the Texas Classic Chassis clubs as well as guests from all over the USA.

Classic Chassis Car Club of Dallas, with a predominantly gay and lesbian membership, provides a comfortable environment for the enjoyment of the classic and special interest autos. We invite you to visit with us at our next meeting or event and join in on the fun!